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Crafted by an expression of computerised soul, Tinlicker are the modern force in Dutch progressive house. Based out of Utrecht, the act started their journey towards today in late 2012, honing their sound, continually shaping their destination, creating their new ideal in music. Initially self releasing music it wasn’t long before said sound was noticed by none other than Feed Me, who was quick to sign a number of songs to his taste making Sotto Voce label. From there the ears of Zerothree tuned in and the world was given an array of head turning singles, including the irrepressible ‘Maandag’. Fans of Above & Beyond will be no stranger to Tinlicker, who have supported their beats many times across their live shows and Group Therapy radio shows. It’s no surprise then that when the

time came to find a home for the 2017 hit ‘Soon You’ll Be Gone’ Anjunadeep was quick to put their hand up. Tinlicker join the likes of Yotto, Way Out West, Theo Cotis and Icarus at the leading electronic label. Jordi van Achthoven and Micha Heyboer make u the duo and neither is a stranger to success having both been involved in world dominating projects, before the birth of the modern Tinlicker. You can hear both their influences throughout the catalogue of Tinlicker songs, it’s this unique combination that sings through every beat, through every instrument that comes together to give you Tinlicker. The robot that will never stop.


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